Renowned Professor Eric Mazur of Harvard University Delivered a Frontier Academic Report and Teaching Seminar in SCU


Recently, the "Future Lecture (3rd lecture)" of Sichuan University was officially opened. Internationally renowned physicist, academician of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences, former chairman of the American Optical Society, Fellow of the American Physical Society, Emeritus Professor of the University of Montreal, lecturer for the 100th Anniversary of the American Physical Society, member of the Advisory Board of the National Foundation, Prof. Eric Mazur of Harvard University gave a report entitled "Stopping Time" to the teaching staff and students of SCU.

Prof. Mazur introduced the concept of time, and talked about people's current understanding of time as well as the physical definition and cognition of time, starting from the description of time by ancient philosophers such as Aristotle. He said, time is continuous and irreversible like throwing a stone into a river, which cannot return to the original point along the original path, while referring to the fact that people still cannot return to their embryonic period. After briefing the attempts of "stopping time" so far, and the key role of photography in it, he spoke of the research status and application of ultrashort pulse lasers, and shared the work of his research team in using femtosecond laser to analyze the direction of the ultrafast process; meanwhile he noted that the Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA), which won the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics, is the core of current ultrashort pulse lasers and also the most important research tool for current transient research.

His report stimulated the students' curiosity and enthusiasm. In the Q&A session, the students actively asked questions about time and natural sciences, and got answers in the warm atmosphere.

Later on, that afternoon, Prof. Eric Mazur also attended the "Teaching and Learning Development Forum" of SCU as an internationally famous educator, gave a report entitled "Flat Space, Deep Learning", and made in-depth discussion with the teachers on how to help students achieve deep learning while offering reference methods on team playing, peers, and self-assessment.


The "Future Lecture" refers to a series of lectures opened by SCU in 2018 as part of its "Exploratory Education Plan for Perceiving the Future and Thinking about the Future". Famous scientists and scholars are invited to bring frontier information to the students, and stimulate them to think about the future and meet the challenges while helping them "make intelligent innovations and embrace the promising future". Professors Zhang Yi and Huang Kama successively gave a talk entitled "The Main Theme of Contemporary Artificial Intelligence", and "The Energy Property of Microwave and its Application Storm" with overwhelming responses.