SCU Delegation Attends University Social Responsibility Summit 2018 in Israel


To further the social responsibility construction of our university and strengthen the cooperation with world-renowned institutions in this area, entrusted by the university, from November 30th to December 6th, SCU's International Office, along with Vice Director Lu Li of the Students Affairs Office, Deputy Dean Pan Jie, Prof. Yang Min, doctoral candidate Chen Chu and master degree candidate Cai Xia of West China College of Public Health, went to Israel to participate in the "University Social Responsibility Summit 2018".

During the summit, the representatives from the members of University Social Responsibility Network, such as Haifa University, Washington University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Sichuan University, introduced their own efforts made in promoting university social responsibility in the face of challenges in global economy, society, culture and environment.

Prof. Yang Min, as the faculty representative of SCU, gave a keynote speech titled "Preliminary Experience of Service Learning in Healthcare Prospective in Sichuan University", sharing the experiences gained and challenges faced by West China College of Public Health in promoting university social responsibility through service learning. Through this program which combines learning with service, our students have deepened their understanding of the grassroots medical and health organizations and the rural population's health status, and increased their sense of social responsibility. The attendees showed a strong interest in our university's service-learning program, and had a heated discussion with our delegation.

As a student representative of Sichuan University, doctoral candidate Chen Chu made a speech under the title of "Growing through service learning", sharing her experience in the service-learning program. After joining the program, she has built up her social responsibility for the health issues of peasants, and of the poor in particular, and resolved to better help them through related studies.

In addition, the members of the "University Social Responsibility Network (USRN)" founded the "USR Student Network" at this meeting, to promote the social responsibility construction of member institutions from the perspective of students.

In the end, the summit arranged a visit to Haifa University and Hebrew University, so as to give the representatives an insight into the two universities' efforts, experiences and challenges in promoting social responsibility.

Universities have the responsibility to face and seek solutions to the global economic, social, cultural and environmental challenges, in an effort to promote fairness, harmony, peace and sustainable development in the world. During this event, the members exchanged their views on the significance of university social responsibility, share their difficulties confronted as well as experiences gained. Such a meeting will undoubtedly do well to our university's related work.