2019 ASU-SCU Deans and Administrators Academic Exchange & Education Innovation Workshops Held Successfully


 From February 22nd to 30th, 2019 ASU-SCU Deans and Administrators Academic Exchange& Education Innovation Workshop was held successfully in ASU. A total of 15 deputy deans and administrators from SCU, and the heads and academicians from the Carey Business School and the Barrett Honors College joined in the event.

Themed with “following an innovative operating idea and deepening academic exchanges”, experts and scholars of both institutions from various related disciplines conducted in-depth and extensive exchanges on innovative education models and on how to strengthen innovative education cooperation and joint training of talents.

At the opening ceremony, Stefanie Lindquist, Vice Provost of ASU, Dr. Robert Joe Cutter, Director of ASU Confucius Institute, and Prof. Zhang Hongwei, Director of Academic Affairs Office of SCU, delivered speeches on their own behalf.

ASU scholars introduced the advanced experience of ASU in students' career planning and innovative talents training with the title "Promoting undergraduates' career planning" and "Promoting university innovation and top-level design".

During the workshop, both sides shared their experience in management, teaching, and personnel training. The members of the SCU delegation were highly impressed by ASU's cross-disciplinary construction and multi-disciplinary training, flexible teaching system, scientific campus planning, innovative concept, dedication, system construction, and students-oriented leadership development. ASU's faculty and students who have participated in the UIP program of SCU also shared their rich experience of exchanges in the summer of 2018.


At the conclusion of the project, Dr. Robert Joe Cutter expressed his desire to further tap the role of Confucius Institute, promote exchanges and cooperation between the two universities in various disciplines, and cultivate more "Chinese+" talents for the common development of both countries by virtue of the Confucius Institute.

ASU Vice President Matt Salmon said that, he hoped SCU delegation could share the experience of the workshop with its faculty and students, and actively boost the multi-level cooperation between ASU and SCU.

Prof. Zhang Hongwei, Dean of SCU, thanked ASU for its thoughtful preparation of this event on behalf of all the delegation members. After summarizing the achievements in this training and the cooperation intention proposed by both institutions, she made an invitation to the directors and faculty members of ASU for exchange visit to SCU.

The fruitful event deepened the mutual understanding between both institutions. On this basis, Wu Yuzhang College of SCU and the Honorary College of ASU reached preliminary cooperation intentions on the exchanges of students and teachers, and global online courses. SCU's Business School concluded the agreements of "3+1+1" undergraduates-masters programs separately with ASU's Carey Business School and Thunderbird School of Global Management. The departments from both institutions also agreed to implement positively their MOUs and cooperation agreements.