SCU Delegation Visits USA and Canada to Enroll Talents


On November 17th and 18th, the North American Session of Sichuan University Overseas Promotion Conference was successfully held in Toronto and San Francisco respectively. President Li Yanrong, Vice President Yan Shijing, the officers from the Chinese Consulate-General in Toronto and the Education Office of the Chinese Consulate-General in San Francisco, as well as the representatives of related departments of SCU, attended the meeting. This event attracted 180+ young talents from Harvard University, Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, and some other world-renowned higher learning institutes and research institutions.

Focusing on the topic, "Why must I go to Sichuan University? Please give me a reason", President Li pointed out that, Sichuan University has prominent strengths in disciplinary structure and favorable conditions for young elites to develop inter-disciplines. Talent is the major bottleneck for the construction of a world-class university; Sichuan University is more hungering for young talents than any time before; such talents are welcome to move to Chengdu, and choose Sichuan University as a new platform and a new starting point to pursue their careers and dreams, said President Li.

Counselor Zhang Yiqun of the Education Office of the Chinese Consulate-General in Toronto, and Zeng Yang, Consul of the Education Office of the Chinese Consulate-General in San Francisco, delivered speeches at the promotion meeting. They both indicated that the rapid development of China provides a favorable opportunity and environment for scholars engaged in scientific research; they hope that more people will return to the motherland and choose Sichuan University for further success in their careers.

The head of the Office of Personal Affairs and the academic leaders in some disciplines of SCU introduced the talent recruitment policies and expressed their desires and welcome for young talents.

At the promotion meeting, the participating scholars had in-depth exchange of ideas with the Sichuan University delegation. In the end, more than 60 youth scholars from Canada and the United States expressed their explicit intention to join Sichuan University.

As an important talent-introducing platform for the University to implement its Gathering Global Talents project, this conference, under the theme "Seek Talents across the Pacific", mainly promoted the SCU's career platforms and development opportunities, and solicited more worldwide young talents to learn about and join Sichuan University. In the future, the University will further its overseas talent recruitment activities, and take advantage of its disciplinary strengths to absorb more talents in a more precision way.

During this promotion, the SCU delegation visited the University of Waterloo and the University of Pittsburgh.

On November 16th, the delegation held a discussion with James Rush, Executive Vice President and Provost of the University of Waterloo, Ian Rowlands, Vice President (International Affairs) of the University of Waterloo, and the Deans from the Faculty of Mathematics, the Faculty of Environment, the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences of the University of Waterloo.

During the discussion, Vice President Ian Rowlands briefed the construction and fusion of mathematics, computer science and related disciplines in the University of Waterloo and invited SCU delegation to make a field visit to the University of Waterloo's AI Laboratory and the Faculty of Mathematics. President Li hoped that the two universities will carry out substantive cooperation in exchanges of faculty and students, as well as cooperative research.

During his stay in Toronto, President Li also paid an official call on Han Tao, Consul General of China in Toronto, expressing the University's gratitude for his help and support.

On November 20th, during the delegation's visit to the University of Pittsburgh, the two parties discussed in depth the experiences of the University of Pittsburgh in combining medical science and engineering, its operation management mode, and its practices in interdisciplinary development and integration in information domain. President Gallagher highly appreciated the cooperation between the University of Pittsburgh and Sichuan University in recent years, and conveyed the willingness to expand and deepen exchanges and cooperation with Sichuan University on the basis of existing cooperation. Vice President Armony gave a special report on the internationalization strategy and operation management of the University of Pittsburgh.

SCU delegation also had in-depth exchanges with the deans of Medicine College, and visited its Sports Medicine Center.

During the visit to the University of Pittsburgh, President Li Yanrong also met  SCU exchange students. He encouraged them to continue to improve their academic accomplishments in disciplines; and to make full use of the University of Pittsburgh's advantages in interdisciplinary development of medicine, information and other disciplines, in a bid to become excellent graduates with more comprehensive capabilities to serve the society better.