The 6th International Conference on Biofoams Held in Sichuan University


The 6th International Conference on Biofoams was successfully held on September 25th-28th, at the sideline of the 122nd anniversary of Sichuan University. More than 100 experts and representatives from China, Italy, Canada, Britain, Japan, Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Poland and other countries attended this event.

Li Guangxian, President of the conference and Director of the National Key Laboratory for Polymer Materials Engineering, delivered a welcome speech. “As an international forefront technology, Biological foam polymers can be widely used in biological tissue, artificial skin, artificial scaffolds and other fields. We hope that the participants will further strengthen cooperation with Sichuan University and achieve high-level research results”, Vice President of SCU Liang Bin said in his speech.

Speeches were also separately made by Chul B. Park, Academician of Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences and Engineering Institute, Academician Wang Qi of Sichuan University, Luigi Ambrosio, Director of Polymer Materials Institute of Italian National Research Council, Professor Salvatore Iannace, Director of the Institute of Macromolecular Sciences of Italian National Research Council, and Professor Costas Panayiotou of the University of Aristotle, Greece. The speeches entitled “Advantage of Using Nanofibril Reinforcement for PLA Foaming, “Poly (vinyl alcohol) Based Functional Foams Prepared by Thermal Foaming”, “Advanced Polymer Based Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering”, “Structural and Functional Properties of Multicomponent Biobased Foams”, “Polymer Foaming with Supercritical Fluids: Thermodynamic Aspects”, respectively, showing the latest research findings in this field.

During the conference, the researchers of SCU's International Polymer Foaming Research Center of the National Key Laboratory for Polymer Material Engineering presented respectively the recent research results to the international peers, and won their praise. Many well-known experts, engineers and technicians in the fields of porous macromolecule foam materials, biology base, and sustainable and biodegradable macromolecule foams gathered here. The conference was organized in an orderly way, yielding good effect and making a profound impression on representatives from home and abroad.

The International Conference on Biofoams, first held in Cabri, Italy, in 2007, has been held five times consecutively. This is the first time it was staged in China.