Sichuan University hosted the Second International Conference on Geo-mechanics, Geo-energy and Geo-resources


Recently, the Second International Conference on Geo-mechanics, Geo-energy and Geo-resources took place in Chengdu. This meeting was co-hosted by Sichuan University and Monash University of Australia and organized by College of Water Resource and Hydropower of Sichuan University. Besides, credit should also be given to those co-sponsors for the success of the meeting, including Central South University, Yalong River Basin Hydro-power Development Corporation, China University of Mining, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Wuhan Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Taiyuan University of Technology, Institute of Technology of Henan, Beijing Mining Technology Group Corporation, Shenhua Group Corporation, Datong Coal Mining Group Corporation and other units.

Dozens of well-known experts and scholars from home and abroad attended the meeting, including Xu Weilin, vice President of Sichuan University, Xie heping, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician Wuqiang, from China University of Mining and Technology, academician Cai Meifeng, from Beijing University of Science and Technology, Derek Ellsworth, member of American Academy of Engineering, Professor Zhao Jian, Professor RanjithPG, from Monash University and professor Hou Zhengmeng, from Clausthal University of Technology, Germany.      

Representing Sichuan University, professor Xu Weilin firstly warmly welcomed all the experts and scholars attending the conference. In his opening speech, he said Sichuan University is one of the oldest and most comprehensive universities in China and the deep science is the key developing field of Sichuan University in the future, occupying an important status in the process of school development. Deep earth is an important direction for recent and future scientific and technological innovation, in the meantime, experts and scholars from domestic and abroad have been confronted with unprecedented theoretical and technical problems in this specific field. Therefore, It is urgent to further play the role of international cooperation so as to promote continuous development of deep science research.

The chairman of the conference, academician Xie Heping, delivered a speech at the conference, He briefly introduced the theme of the conference, historical origins and basic research work of Sichuan University in the field of deep science. He said Sichuan University has long been committed to fundamental research in deep science and engineering, making every effort to advance the basic theory study and press ahead the construction of research platform. He also hoped through the IC3G conference, a long-term cooperative and exchange mechanism and an open international exchange platform can be established, through which experts and scholars can continue to carry out in-depth cooperative research and jointly break through the theoretical and technical bottlenecks of deep resource development and energy exploitation.


The opening ceremony was followed by keynote speeches hosted by professor Ranjith. Many experts and scholars home and abroad have made wonderful presentations successively, including academician Xie Heping, academician Derek Elsworth, academician Wu Qiang and academician Cai Meifeng as well as professor Wu Shiyong, a senior engineer from Yalong River Basin Hydro-power Development Corporation and professor Zhang Liming from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


It is learned that the meeting (September 23 to 25, 2018) have attracted nearly 100 experts and scholars, over 200 graduate students and professional technicians from more than 10 countries and regions, including China, Australia, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and countries along the "One Belt And One Road". During the meeting, delegates from all over the world have made dozens of professional academic reports on energy, resources and geological mechanics, jointly promoting the sharing of the latest research results and academic cutting-edge knowledge of deep earth science, and they also engaged themselves in active discussion of the application and development prospect of deep energy and resource exploitation technology.