SCU Launches “Global Horizons” International Student Exchange Program


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This spring, Sichuan University has launched a new study abroad program that offers a wealth of opportunities to SCU students who want to complete part of their undergraduate or graduate studies overseas or in Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan. In the coming year, students supported by SCU’s “Global Horizons” International Student Exchange Program will set out for one of over a hundred universities around the world. The goal of the program is to educate students who are globally aware, competent in their interactions with students and professors from different countries, internationally competitive and, while grounded in their own culture, capable of studying global issues from different angles and open to the world at large.


In addition to improving the quality of education at Sichuan University, the program aims to promote SCU’s development as a world-class university. In recent years, SCU has engaged in cooperation and exchanges with 268 universities and research institutions in 34 countries and regions in Canada, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, Macao and the US. Apart from this, SCU has entered comprehensive, multi-level, strategic partnerships to carry out joint education programs at 214 top universities in 33 countries and regions around the globe. SCU’s “Global Horizons” program will also offer overseas internship placements helping students to prepare for a career focused on international engagement. Stipends are available to SCU students going abroad to assist students with the costs of relocation and overseas studies.