SCU and Sorbonne University Sign Academic Exchange Agreement


On April 25th, SCU and Sorbonne University signed an academic exchange agreement. Before the signing ceremony, SCU President Li Yanrong met with the President of Sorbonne, Jean Chambaz, and Vice President for International Development, Serge Fdida. SCU Vice President Hou Taiping and other university leaders also joined the meeting.


Welcoming the French delegation, President Li expressed his hopes for the future collaboration between Sorbonne and SCU. Li gave a brief introduction to Sichuan University, stressing that SCU in the past year has accelerated its world-class university construction scheme, within which comprehensive internationalization has played a strategic role. Recent programs launched include SCU’s “Global Horizons” International Student Exchange Program, which sends SCU’s top students to leading universities and colleges around the world. In France and worldwide, Sorbonne ranks among the top institutions of higher learning; it is especially known for its research achievements in the fields of mathematics, physics and other sciences. The agreement signed between Sorbonne and SCU covers collaborative programs in various areas, including student exchanges, faculty visits, and scientific research collaborations. Both sides look forward to a fruitful working relationship.

Sorbonne University was established in January 2018 from the merger between Paris-Sorbonne University and Pierre and Marie Curie University. President Chambaz offered a brief overview of the university, explaining that as a newly established institution, Sorbonne also attaches a great deal of importance to internationalization. Chambaz has high hopes for the collaboration between Sorbonne and SCU, one of China’s leading comprehensive universities.

Following their meeting, the two presidents signed the “Sichuan University-Sorbonne University Academic Exchange Agreement.” The agreement stipulates that the two sides will send faculty and research personnel to each other’s schools to teach and engage in scientific work, carry out student exchanges, and set up platforms for international collaboration in journal publications, scientific research, and other areas. At the same time, both will engage in the promotion of wider cultural and educational cooperation between France and China.