SCU Officially Launches World-class University Construction Project


On January 12th, 2018, Sichuan University convened a large-scale conference marking the formal launch of its “dual world-class university construction” scheme.

On September 21st, 2017, the PRC had released its official list of Chinese universities selected for “dual world-class university construction,” a national project designed to develop top-ranking universities and academic disciplines in China that will compete with the world’s leading academic institutions and disciplines. 42 universities and 95 academic disciplines at Chinese colleges were initially selected for world-class development. SCU was among those designated as A-class university.


During the conference, SCU Vice President Xu Weilin spoke on “Sichuan University and World-class University Construction: A Roadmap for Strategic Development,” outlining the process and challenges of dual world-class university construction, introducing its overall aims and features, and detailing the “top ten construction” plan , “4+1 discipline construction”scheme, and proposed systemic reforms.

To better facilitate the process of world-class university construction, Sichuan University has specially appointed chief scientists to supervise world-class discipline construction for individual disciplines; leading experts will manage quality control and establish targets in compliance with national and university supervision.

Academician Wei Yuquan has been appointed chief scientist responsible for developing the discipline of biotherapy at SCU; Academician Zhang Xingdong is the leading scientist for the biomedical engineering group; Professor Luo Zhitian heads the regional history and frontier studies group; and Professor Cao Shunqing is the leading expert for the group on the promotion of Chinese language and literature.

Representing the leading scientists responsible for developing world-class disciplines at SCU, Academician Wei Yuquan addressed the conference, stressing his and his colleagues’ firm commitment to establishing front-line university disciplines equipped not only to compete, but excel, on the global academic stage.


On the same day, SCU President Li Yanrong and Chairman of SCU Council Wang Jianguo, signed agreements with the leading scientists and every college and school, detailing specific plans and strategies for the tasks ahead.

In his speech at the conference, President Li encouraged members of the faculty and university leaders to take their respective roles in the dual world-class university construction project and work hard toward the common goal of further raising the academic quality and global status of Sichuan University.

Wang Jianguo called on SCU faculty, staff, students, and alumni to contribute their experience and resources to the task at hand.

Vice President of Sichuan University Yan Shijing presided over the conference. He suggested that contributing to the construction of China’s world-class universities represented a commitment to something larger: the “Chinese Dream” of the ‘great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.’

Outlined in the tenets of Sichuan University’s plan for dual world-class university construction is the mission to construct a top university with Chinese characteristics “SCU-style”; a global leader among higher education institutions and pioneer of innovative science rooted in the soil of Western China; a generator of new ideas, theories, technologies, and approaches to benefit society at large; a promoter of human progress, a producer of cultural goods, a preserver of civilizational treasures, and a beacon of hope for humankind.