Prof. Lukyanov of Russian Academy of Sciences Visited Sichuan University


On October 10, Xie Heping, president of Sichuan University, met with the visiting delegation led by Prof. Lukyanov, director of Far East Comparative Civilization Research Center of Far East Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences and vice president of International Confucian Association. Vice president Yan Shijing and other relevant personnel of SCU attended the meeting.

President Xie noted that, in recent years, Sichuan University has established good cooperative relationship with the sinologists of Far East Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, including Prof. Lukyanov. He hoped to further expand and deepen the mutual cooperation, and give full play to SCU’s multidisciplinary advantages, making positive contributions to the bilateral relations between China and Russia.

In the meeting, Lukyanov expressed his sincere thanks for SCU’s great efforts in the translation of Chinese Spiritual Culture Ceremony(ДуховнаякультураКйтая). Recently, Far East Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences is getting closer to Sichuan University, and both sides have established Sino-Russian Cultural Research Center, he said. With the efforts of scholars from both sides, Russian versions of The Book of Odes and The Doctrine of the Mean were published in Russia, and the translation of I Ching and The Spring and Autumn Annals had commenced. These works played an irreplaceable role in helping Russian people from all walks of life well understand the Chinese history, tradition and culture, adding new subjects in the cultural dialogues and exchanges between China and Russia. He hoped that the cooperation between both sides could be enhanced by virtue of Chinese Spiritual Culture Ceremony so as to make more contributions to the cultural exchanges between the two countries.