A Delegation Led by Nobel Laureates Visits SCU


On Sept. 11, a delegation led by Prof. Steven Chu, the Nobel Prize winner in Physics and the 12th U.S. Energy Secretary, and Prof. Daniel Komen, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, paid a visit to SCU. Prof. Xie Heping, President of Sichuan University, met with the visiting guests. Academician Gao Jie of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Vice Presidents Yan Shijing, Xu Weilin and Liang Bin, as well as relevant personnel of SCU, attended the meeting.

President Xie said in the meeting that, SCU is one of the oldest universities in China with the most complete disciplines and the largest scale. With great emphasis on the study of green and low-carbon energy, SCU has established the Institute of New Energy and Low-Carbon Technology, which is mainly dedicated to the research of two revolutionary technologies of CCU (carbon capture and utilization). At present, the Institute is striving to build a distinctive system for low carbon economy and technology integration, so as to make a positive contribution to facilitating harmonious development of the human beings and nature, constructing ecological civilization and promoting social progress.

Prof. Steven Chu expressed great appreciation to SCU’s warm reception. He noted that, carbon capture and utilization is a frontier technology in the world, and the research institutes in the United States are also digging into related fields. He hoped that the two sides will deepen their cooperation in this field in the future, making joint contribution to the world’s green development.

Then, this delegation visited the Institute of New Energy and Low-Carbon Technology, and listened to introduction about the progress made by Sichuan University in the field of CCU. According to the experts, the relevant achievements of SCU are on a par with the international level, so they're expected to strengthen cooperation with SCU.

The experts in this delegation also include: James Sweeney, Director of the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center at Stanford University, Xie Desun, Director of the Asia-Pacific Center at Stanford University, Mr. Zhou Xiaoxin and Mr. Zou Zhigang, Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science, Zeng Rong, Dean of Energy Internet Research Institute at Tsinghua University, Song Yonghua, Vice President of Zhejiang University& Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Zhang Xiaofeng, Executive Vice President of the U.S. -China Green Energy Council, Prof. Paul McEntire of Stanford University, Sam Wang, CFO of the U.S. -China Green Energy Council, as well as Mike Zhang and Dr. James Caldwell, directors of the U.S. -China Green Energy Council.