Heads of Three American Institutions Visit SCU


May 24th, Eastern New Mexico University’s Vice President Jeffrey Long, Bellevue University’s President Mary Hawkins, and Madonna University’s Vice President Lewis Walker paid a joint visit to Sichuan University for inter-institutional cooperation and exchange. Vice President Yan Shijing, together with heads of International Office, Academic Affairs Office and some other department of SCU, met with these guests.

During the meeting, Yan Shijing noted that SCU will go further with its exchange and cooperation with Eastern New Mexico University, and is willing to leverage this visit to establish cooperative relation with Bellevue University and Madonna University, and strengthen academic interaction as well as exchanges of teachers and students, so as to play a positive role in fueling exchanges between the circles of higher education in China and the United States.

Jeffrey Long claimed that, Eastern New Mexico University attaches great importance to the cooperation and exchange with Sichuan University, and this special visit, along with the heads of Bellevue University and Madonna University, signals ENMU’s intention to introduce SCU to more top-notch universities of the US, and facilitate establishment of broader inter-institutional cooperative relationship between American institutions with the counterparts in China, especially in west China.  

  President Mary Hawkins and Vice President Lewis Walker made a brief introduction about Bellevue University and Madonna University respectively, hoping to become good partners with Sichuan University, and jointly push forward with inter-institutional talent exchanges and research cooperation.

The heads of International Office and Academic Affairs Office also briefed the guests of SCU’s progress in international cooperation and exchange.