The Second US-China Forum on Obstetrics-Gynecology & Pediatrics Held in SCU


On May 12th, the Second US-China Forum on Obstetrics-Gynecology & Pediatrics, jointly hosted by SCU and the College of Medicine, University of Florida (UF), and organized by West China Second University Hospital (West China Women's and Children's Hospital, Sichuan University), was held in Huaxi Campus. Prof. Thomas Chiu and Associate Prof. Erin Burnett of UF College of Medicine-Jacksonville, Executive Vice-president of SCU Li Hong and Zhang Lin, Assistant President of SCU and Dean of West China Second University Hospital, addressed the opening ceremony. 15 gynecologic and pediatric specialists from UF and Baylor College of Medicine, as well as the medical staff, postgraduates and trainees of West China Second University Hospital, attended the event.


Mr. Thomas Chiu stressed in his speech that the successful holding of the 2nd US-China Forum on Obstetrics-Gynecology & Pediatrics marked a good debut of the friendship between SCU and UF. It has provided a significant opportunity for both sides in further cooperation and exchanges on medical education, medical research and teachers/students exchange program, he added.


Mr. Zhang Ling said, West China Women's and Children's Hospital is the single state-level center for women’s and children’s health surveillance, which has been offering long-term, first-class medical services for women and children across the nation, especially those in western China. The successful hosting of the seminar could provide a golden opportunity for obstetricians and pediatricians from both countries to beef up exchanges and friendship, and conduct clinical and scientific research and substantial cooperation in the areas of common interest, he emphasized.


Erin Burnett expressed great appreciation for the achievements and experience obtained in obstetrics-gynecology & pediatrics by West China Women's and Children's Hospital. She also hoped that both sides could develop joint research and share good ideas on the medical bottlenecks encountered, and further broaden and deepen cooperation and exchanges in medical and scientific fields.


On behalf of SCU, Mr. Li Hong expressed warm congratulations to the Forum. SCU attaches great importance to the discipline development and clinical services of obstetrics-gynecology & pediatrics, he noted. With this Forum, new ideas and technologies on healthcare could be propagated, whilst both sides could deepen their friendship and mutual understanding, thus pushing forward bilateral cooperation and exchanges in a broader range.


This Forum gained the support from the Key Laboratory of Birth Defects and Related Diseases of Women and Children, Sichuan International Joint Research Center for Women’s and Children’s Health, and the Key Laboratory of Development and Obstetric & Gynecologic and Pediatric Diseases. It comprised of two sessions, including Obstetrics-Gynecology and Pediatrics, during which a series of lectures and seminars on 24 topics were carried out, such as ectopic incision twin pregnancy, progress in treatment of ovarian cancer, multiple-drug resistance tuberculosis and prenatal management and intervention of fetal arrhythmia.