A Delegation of Lodz City visited Sichuan University and held a round-table meeting


On the afternoon of May 10th, the delegation of Lodz, led by Krzysztof Piatkowski, the Vice Mayor of Lodz, Poland, visited Sichuan University. Prof. Yan Shijing, the Vice President of SCU, met with the guests. Relevant officers of Chengdu Municipal Foreign& Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and SCU attended the meeting.

During this meeting, Prof. Yan said Sichuan University attaches great importance to the research on European countries, the Center for European Studies is one of the European research demonstration centers recognized by EU. While actively implementing the national strategic requirements of "One Belt and One Road" in recent years, SCU constantly strengthens the cooperation and exchanges with the countries along "One Belt and One Road". In 2016, SCU set up a “Polish+" discipline, with its aim to cultivate compound talents capable of speaking fluent  Polish and having certain know-how. Lodz is an important city in Poland and an important node of the “CR+" Express. SCU will dispatch 90 students to study at the University of Lodz in 2018. Meanwhile, SCU also warmly welcomes the faculty staff and students in Lodz University to visit and study here. Through this visit of the delegation of Lodz, we hope to promote the exchanges and cooperation of both universities and both cities on personnel training, scientific research, economic and trade.

Mr. Krzysztof Piatkowski said that Lodz lies in the center of Poland as the third largest city, the third education center in Poland, with a large-scale education system. He hoped that Sichuan University could build a good relationship of cooperation with Lodz's universities including the University of Lodz, so as to promote the extensive exchanges and cooperation in various fields, and jointly accelerate the mutual development.

Then, SCU held a round-table meeting with the Lodz delegation.

In addressing the meeting, Mr. Yan Shijing hoped that the round-table meeting could lay a solid foundation for the friendly cooperation between SCU and the universities in Lodz, Poland, and promote the cooperation and exchanges between both sides in various fields.

Mr. Krzysztof Piatkowski noted that Lodz and Chengdu had become sister cities as early as in 2013 , the construction of CR+" Express will further deepen the exchanges between two sides in the economy and trade, culture and other fields. He hoped the meeting will further improve exchanges and cooperation among the universities in Lodz and Sichuan.

Then, the representatives from the University of Lodz, Technical University of Lodz, Medical University of Lodz, Lodz Academy of Fine Arts and Lodz School of Humanities and Economics, gave a brief speech respectively about the education scale, operating characteristics, training of talents, etc.

Representatives from other universities in Chengdu, including the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan Normal University, attended the round-table meeting and had discussions with Lodz delegation about the matters of concern.