Inter-school Cooperation Agreement Signed between SCU and Kobe University


March 13th, the signing ceremony of the Inter-School Cooperation Agreement between Sichuan University and Kobe University was held officially. Inoue Noriyuki, Director and Vice President of Kobe University, and Yan Shijing, Vice President of Sichuan University, together with the leaders of relevant departments of both parties, attended the ceremony.

During the ceremony, Yan Shijing indicated that, SCU and Kobe University have established a good cooperation relationship in the domain of earthquake disaster researches for a long time, expecting enhanced exchanges and cooperation in commercial science, economics, science of law, and engineering science and some other disciplinary fields.

Inoue Noriyuki spoke highly of SCU's achievements in earthquake reliefs and disaster studies. He hopes that Kobe University and SCU, both as notable universities with a history of over 100 years, will have more intensive cooperation in the aspect of student exchange and scientific research and so on.

Subsequently, Yan Shijing and Inoue Noriyuki, on behalf of Sichuan University and Kobe University separately, signed the inter-school cooperation agreement.