SCU-UW “Belt and Road” Youth Leadership Training Course Launched


     March 13th witnessed the kicking off of SCU-UW “Belt and Road” Youth Leadership Training Course. Ms. Katarzyna, Consul-general of Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Chengdu, Lukasz Zamecki, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Political Science and International Studies of University of Warsaw, and Yan Shijing, Vice President of Sichuan University, attended and addressed the opening ceremony. The ceremony was attended by 23 leaders (of faculties) and teacher representatives from University of Warsaw, the leaders of relevant departments of Sichuan University, as well as the student representatives of the two universities.

    Vice President Yan Shijing remarked in the opening ceremony his strong belief that, under the joint support of Chinese and Poland governments, and with the concerted efforts of both universities, the SCU-UW “One Belt & One Road” Youth Leadership Training Program is bound to be pushed forward smoothly; it will make contributions to the development of China and Poland, and serve as a new milestone for the cooperation in higher education of both countries.

    Consul general Katarzyna highly praised China’s “One Belt and One Road” strategy, as well as the friendly cooperation relationship between Sichuan University and University of Warsaw. She indicated that China and Poland had enjoyed friendly relations for 68 years, the “Belt and Road" Strategy initiated by China is also critical to Poland. Propelled by this strategic initiative, China-Poland relations, as well as China-EU relations enjoy further development. She hopes that the training course could deepen the friendship and cooperation between Sichuan University and the University of Warsaw, so as to play a desired role in promoting the ties between the two countries to a higher level.


    Deputy Dean Lukasz Zamecki expressed their appreciation to SCU’s warm reception in his speech, and he expects that the training course will harvest rich fruits and the students from both countries will have more communications and cooperation in the future.

Background Information:

University of Warsaw, listed in the Top 500 Universities of the world, is the largest national university of Poland. Sichuan University paid high attention to the exchanges and cooperation with University of Warsaw. Both parties had signed a memorandum of understanding as early as 2013, and started favorable cooperation under the drive of “EU Erasmus+” program. In October, 2016, the Centre for Poland and Central Europe Issues Studies & the Centre for International Relations Studies, co-built by Sichuan University and University of Warsaw, was officially founded; Mr. Jarosław Gowin, Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Higher Education, made a special visit to the scene and inaugurated it. Relying on SCU’s School of International Studies, the Centre is dedicated to in-depth studies on issues covering politics, economy, culture and society of Poland and Central Europe, as well as the relationship between China and Poland. It targets at building itself into an intelligence-type research institution with international influences, mainly serving the “Belt and Road” initiative-related countries. This time, the five-day training course will have special trainings on topics like “One Belt and One Road” Strategy and China's Periphery Diplomacy, China's Modernization of Local Governance, “One Belt and One Road” Strategy and Development of Western China, “One Belt and One Road” Strategy and Sichuan’s Investment in and Cooperation with Foreign Countries, as well as the Changes of Chinese Culture in the Context of Globalization. Meanwhile, the delegation of University of Warsaw will have in-depth discussion with the teachers and students from relevant schools of SCU.