Deputy PM of the Republic of Poland Paid a Visit to SCU

Sichuan University received its distinguished guest soon after the conclusion of its 120th anniversary celebration. Jarosław Gowin, Deputy Prime Minister & Sci-Tech and Higher Education Minister of the Republic of Poland made a special trip to SCU, and inaugurated the Joint Center for Polish and Central European Studies and the Joint Center for International Relations Studies established by SCU and the University of Warsaw; he also delivered a wonderful speech to nearly 1000 students of SCU.
On the morning of October 13, Prof. Xie Heping, President of SCU, and Prof. Yan Shijing, Vice President of SCU, together with the heads of relevant departments, met with the visiting guests. During the warm and friendly exchange between both sides, Prof. Xie hoped the visit of the Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin could promote cooperation between SCU and the Polish peers in scientific research and international students' exchanges, contributing to economic and cultural exchanges between two countries. Chengdu is a vibrant city full of development opportunities, and Sichuan University is a prestigious and competitive century-old university, Deputy PM Jarosław Gowin said, adding that he hoped the concerted efforts of both sides could further expand the areas of cooperation and jointly cultivate talents with international competitiveness.
On the afternoon, Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin delivered a speech titled "Modern Polish University" to SCU students. The speech was presided over by Prof. Xie Heping.
Before the speech, both sides jointly unveiled the SCU-UW Joint Center for Polish and Central European Studies and the SCU-UW Joint Center for International Relations Studies. The Deputy Prime Minister presented to SCU a collection of poems and anthologies of famous Polish writer.
Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin said in his keynote speech that the cultivation of the youth determines the destiny of a country, and that higher education is one of the most important, most critical and influential factors in talents cultivation. The cooperation between Polish universities and SCU should not be confined to the communication and study between college students, but should be expanded to the intensified scientific research cooperation and experts exchange. The establishment of these two centers set an ideal example in building brand new high-end international academic institutions and providing important decision-making think tank to the two governments. This has also opened a door to international exchanges and cooperation for youth from China and Poland, making positive contributions to further promote cultural exchanges between both countries. Deputy Premier Minister Jarosław Gowin then talked about the challenges faced by Polish universities and their reform measures. He noted that the concept of SCU "providing elite, individualized and comprehensive education for college students" is very important, and conducive to the cultivation of high-calibre talents with international vision. He further stressed that international dialogue is one of the key factors to bolster scientific development; the universities and colleges are not only an important place to yield breakthrough achievements, but also an important carrier of international dialogues. The Polish government hopes to gain access to useful experience and practices from SCU and China in their academic and scientific development, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of Polish higher education and fueling Poland's economic and social growth. In his speech, Mr. Jarosław Gowin welcomed SCU students to Polish universities to exchange their knowledge and make contributions to the cultural exchange between both sides.
"I just came to Sichuan University and have not yet made contacts with its teachers and students, but here there are many students from Poland, I see a smile on their faces, so I guess studying in Sichuan University must be a very happy experience!" In the exchange activities, SCU students raised questions to Deputy PM Jarosław Gowin in English, who answered with his humorous, vivid language in earnest attitude, winning bursts of warm applause.
After the lecture, Prof. Marta KicinskaHabior, Vice President of the University of Warsaw, introduced its basic management concept, training modes, international exchanges and cooperation, especially mutual cooperation with China, and also invited the SCU students to continue their studies in the University of Warsaw.
As early as in May 2013, SCU and the University of Warsaw signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation. Supported by the EU’s "Erasmus +" project, both universities began the students exchange. Nine or ten outstanding students from SCU are sent every year to the University of Warsaw for further study, and a total of 67 students from the University of Warsaw have studied in SCU. Recently both universities have jointly designed and planned the discipline construction program of the Polish language, and undergraduate students will be enrolled in 2017. In order to cultivate versatile talents of Polish language, we shall try to select outstanding freshmen and sophomores for the Polish + X (English, Economics or Trade) program. The Center for Polish Studies to be set up at the School of International Relations, SCU, will put its focus on the politics, economics, culture, society and Sino-Poland relationship issues, striving to turn itself into a think tank of international influence.