Advanced Materials High-End Forum Held in SCU



On Sept. 26-27 2016, the “Research Forum for Frontiers in Materials Science”, one of important academic activities during SCU’s 120th anniversary, was held in SCU. This two-day forum was jointly hosted by SCU and the Nature Group, with its aim of underlining the advanced materials’ international frontier development and the major national demands and strategic planning for relevant technologies. Themed with the “Research Forum for Frontiers in Materials Science”, this event has invited eight top-notch scientists in the field of materials at home and abroad to deliver special reports, offering a rare exchange and study opportunity for SCU’s staff and students, especially those in the field of materials science.
Li Guangxian, executive deputy president of SCU, stressed that on the eve of SCU’s 120 anniversary, holding a series of high-end forums with the Nature Group plays a very positive role. He hoped that the participating experts and scholars could continuously care about and support SCU’s construction and development in materials science and other relevant subjects.

Ed Gerstner, executive editor of the Nature Magazine in Great China, noted in his speech that materials science is of utmost significance in the modern world, contributing a lot to help the Magazine gain high impact factor. Currently, China has already become the most influential country in the materials research over USA, Germany and the UK; the skyrocketing material science researches from China have further promoted the development of materials science with their greater influence.

On the Forum, academician Gan Yong, the former deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered a report themed with “the new materials development during ‘13th five-year plan’ under the strategy of constructing a manufacturing power”; academician An Lijia, director of Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a report with a title of “Molecular mechanism of nonlinear rheological behavior of entangled polymer fluids”; academician Nicholas A. Peppas of American Academy of Engineering and Medicine, delivered a report named after the “Intelligent Biomaterials to Control Recognition and Specificity”; academician Wang Yuzhong of SCU, delivered a report of the “Research on Organic Polymer Aerogel Materials”; academician Zhang Xingdong of SCU, gave a report of “Biomaterials for Inducing Tissue Regeneration: The New Era of Biomaterials”; academician Eugenia Kumacheva of British Royal Society, gave a report of “Nanoparticle self-assembly: bridging the gap between molecules and nanoparticles”; prof. Huang Weidong of the Northwestern Polytechnical University, gave a report of “Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and materials development”; academician Xie Jianxin with the University of Science and Technology Beijing, gave a report of “Overview of Materials Genome Initiative”.
“SCU High-End Forum”, a high-end and high-level academic exchange activity launched by SCU, aims to promote its scientific researches in tune with the worldwide science frontiers and the key national demands; top-notch scientists in relevant sectors are invited to attend the forum and deliver reports on the hot issues of prevailing international sci-tech studies and frontier research, as well as key sci-tech problems in national industrial upgrading.