122 Anniversary of SCU

Sichuan University Welcomed the World Outstanding Alumni to Attend the 122nd Anniversary

The 122nd anniversary of SCU was held in Chengdu on September 29th - a clear and cloudless autumn day. The alumni of SCU, who came from all over the world, returned to their 100-year alma mater for a glory of “double first-class”.

The activities welcoming the alumni’s return officially started on the morning. The theme of this year is “jointly building a world-class university and boosting the development of national central cities”. Distinguished guests, including local government officials, a number of well-known entrepreneurs and leaders of Sichuan University, and more than 400 alumni representatives from 84 local alumni associations at home and abroad and from the Global Alumni Entrepreneurs Association, attended the event.

On behalf of the University, Wang Jianguo, Chairman of the University Council, welcomed all the guests and alumni and expressed his gratitude for their long-standing concern, support and help. “Sichuan University, as the top-level university in Sichuan and Chengdu, plays an important role in pooling of talents, ideological guidance, cultural development, sci-tech progress and international exchanges in Chengdu. Sichuan will actively respond to and repay Chengdu's support and affection. It is hoped that the alumni, the teachers and students could serve and make more contributions to Chengdu and Sichuan”, he said.

Sincerity and gratitude expressed to the alma mater. Zhao Changwen, the Head of the Industry and Economics of the Development Research Center of the State Council, and other outstanding alumni representatives, recalled their experiences of living in Chengdu, studying and working in Sichuan University, expressed their appreciation for the cultivation of their alma mater and the nourishment of Chengdu. They also put forward valuable suggestions on great causes, including further deepening the integration of the city and Sichuan University, accelerating the efforts to build a world-class university, and turning Chengdu into a national central city which fully embodies the new development concept.

“Over the past 100 years, Sichuan University has contributed talents and wisdom to the prosperity of Chengdu culture, sci-tech progress, and innovation and development. We hope that Chengdu will cultivate more talents and contribute more wisdom and strategies to Chengdu. It is expected that the alumni of SCU will always regard Chengdu as their hometown, grow and develop together with Chengdu, and that the students of SCU will move forward to achieve their dreams in Chengdu,” Fan Ruiping, Secretary of the Chengdu Municipal CPC Committee, said in his keynote speech.

“Universities thrive because of cities, and vice versa. Cities and universities share common prosperity and achieve mutual success. Facing the future, Sichuan University will be more open to the outside world. It will make greater contributions to Chengdu's development into a national central city which fully reflects the new development concept, by combining the advantages of the university's disciplines, talents, science and technology and platform with the high-quality development of Chengdu,” Li Yanrong, president of SCU, said it in his speech.

Three major research platforms jointly build by Sichuan University and Chengdu enterprises were officially unveiled at the meeting.

The Center for Disease Molecular Network Frontier Sciences is an important foundation of “One Center” in the “One Center, One Valley and One Ring” initiative of Western China Medicine. The Center will give full play to the advantages of Western China Medicine and multiple disciplines in Sichuan University, focusing on frontier exploration in five aspects. “Sichuan University - Lenovo Artificial Intelligence Research Center”, co-founded by Sichuan University and Lenovo Group, will make full use of the advantages of Sichuan University in image processing, neural network and industrial Internet, especially the important breakthrough made by the west China artificial intelligence (AI) assistant diagnosis and treatment system, to drive the application of AI into multi-disciplines. “Sichuan University - NetEase Future Network Technology Research Center”, co-established by Sichuan University and NetEase, will make the best of the Internet technology foundation of both sides, strengthen the research and development on social applications of block chain and image compression and decoding, and enhance the cross-linking with arts and medicine.

During the summit, the provincial and municipal leaders, the distinguished guests and alumni visited the university's themed exhibition areas to share the construction and development achievements of Sichuan University.