For Overseas Students

For Graduate Students

1. The duration of study for international MSc/MA students is normally 2 to 3 years and for Ph.D. students 3 to 4 years.

2. Foreign graduate students asking for leave with specific reasons should provide necessary proofs and follow certain procedures. Application for leaving Beijing or Chinese mainland should be approved by the concerning department and FSAO. Students are not allowed to leave the University due to personal reasons for more than one month in a semester.

3. International students who want to suspend studies because of non-chronic diseases should submit an application together with the diagnosis issued by the university hospital. Formal approval of the school dean or department director concerned, followed by the approval of the Graduate School and FSAO, is required for the permission of suspension applications. Suspension for health reasons is normally granted for one semester at a time. Extension of the suspension is allowed if a doctor’s statement is provided as a proof. The maximum length of suspension is one academic year. The international students placed on suspension shall leave the campus and are responsible for all their own living expenses in that period. To end the suspension, the international students shall apply to the department or school concerned and FSAO for resumption of their interrupted study three months before the commencing of next semester. Those suspending for health reasons should also submit certificate issued by hospital proving their health recovery for study resumption. The students are allowed to return to the University only upon receiving the approval notification for their resumption of study.

4. The arising of one of the following situations will lead to the dismissal of a student from the University:

(1) Failure in two degree courses within one semester; failure to pass the make-up examination of one degree course; or failure in another degree course after making up with one degree course during the whole program period;

(2) Incapable of completing the thesis research work;

(3) Failure to apply for resumption of one’s study before the expiration of suspension of schooling, or not eligible to regain one’s student status upon examination for the resumption application;

(4) Incapable of keeping on study due to accidental disability or diseases diagnosed by a hospital designated by the University;

(5) Failure to make registration before deadline without proper reasons;

(6) Unexcused absence from prescribed teaching activities for two continuous weeks;

(7) Voluntary withdrawal from the University. (The voluntary withdrawal application will not be accepted, if the applicant has violated regulations and is under consideration of disciplinary treatment.)

5. The withdrawal applications of graduate students are processed in batches four times in an academic year: from 1st to 10th in March, June, September, and December. Certifications of withdrawal will be provided to international students applying through prescribed procedures, and certifications of non-completion of study will be granted to those having finished more than one year of study. The students should go though relevant procedures to leave the University in two weeks after the withdrawal application are approved. The students placed on withdrawal are not allowed to resume their studies.

6. Application for transferring to other degree programs or universities is normally not accepted. If the transfer to another degree program is really necessary, the student should submit a formal application. The approval of the application by the Graduate School is based on the opinion of the original department or school and the result of examination given by the department or school the applicant chooses to transfer to. The consent of both universities concerned and the confirmation by the administrative department at higher level for the properness of the reasons are required for transferring between universities.

7. Students having completed the degree programs within prescribed period of study, passed examinations of degree courses and the thesis defense are allowed to graduate and can obtain certificates for graduation from the University. The Academic Degree Granting Committee of the University will review and confer Master’s or Doctoral Degrees and corresponding certificates to those graduates who have reached all the requirements of graduate programs. The Graduate School issues the original copies of graduation certificates and degree certificates in Chinese to international students. FSAO provides the corresponding English translations of these certificates.

8. Students who fail to pass the thesis defense can obtain certificates for completion of university study. Those who have not completed the required courses within prescribed period of study, or have not joined the thesis defense can obtain certificates for having studied in the University.

The administration of the student status for international graduate students is based on the Student Status Regulations of Graduates of Tsinghua University.

This page is translated from the Chinese documents and for informational purpose only. The Chinese version will prevail in any case of disparity. Tsinghua University reserves the final right of interpretion.

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