Famous American Scholar Eric Foner Gives a lecture at SCU

On March 22, 2017, Eric Foner, Academician of American Academy of Arts and Sciences and Chair Professor of Columbia University, brought a high-end academic feast to the students and faculty of School of History and Culture of SCU.

From the background of academic history, Professor Foner questioned and criticized the long-standing “American exceptionalism”; from the perspective of global history, he reviewed the interaction between the United States and the rest of the world during Civil War and Reconstruction Period; from the aspects of politics, economy and value system, he demonstrated the formation and influence of American nations and state; he also explored the relationship between political democracy and economic democracy; with a brief analysis on a series of overseas actions by the United States in the late 19th Century, Professor illustrated the role of Civil War and Reconstruction in the rise of American liberal empire.

He had an active Q&A interaction with the students and faculty and gave wonderful answers to all of the questions raised by the students. The lecture ended in enthusiastic applause of the audience.