“Coding the World” Summer Camp of the College of Computer Science Completed

The 2015 “Coding the world” Summer Camp was participated by 14 students, including 4 postgraduates from the National University of Singapore, 3 students from the University of Lincoln, UK and 7 students from theSichuanUniversity.

Under the theme of Android development, the 8-day camp consisted of new tech. workshop, Android development learning, Hackathon, achievement exhibition and some other activities.

The schedule of the eight days was tight but in a good order. The course was mainly lectured by Mr. Kelvin Sung from the UniversityofWashington Bothell. As a humorous teacher, Mr. Kelvin can always evoke study interest of the students. During the lectures, the students kept staring at the blackboard and always went to dinner very late as they wanted to learn more about the code. Since the beginning of the course, Chinese and foreign students partnered in a one-to-one manner. Each pair of partners would work closely together to study, solve problems, finish assignment, design and accomplish project and conduct project exhibition. And of course the exchange is not limited to those activities, as Peng Jian, associate dean of theCollegeofComputer Sciencesaid on the opening ceremony: “Communication shall be conducted in all dimensions.” Chinese and foreign students would dine together, during which they would communicate cultures, feel cultural difference, and talk about dreams and future. Furthermore, hospitable SCU students acted as good guides when foreign students toured around and tasted delicious SCU foods.

The Camp of 8 days was colorful. The participants not only learned the essence of Android development, but broadened their horizon and gained sincere friendship. As British student Adam said at the end of the Camp: “I’ll miss everyone and I’ll come back here.” Every student in the Camp treasures the experience in these days. And it was really hard for them to say “See you”. At present, SCU is developing increasingly closer connection with celebrated universities in the world. And it is believed that this camp will gear up the exchange betweenChina,Singaporeand theUKto a certain extent.