Reap the Most Precious Memories and Best Friends at SCU – Sidelights of the Harvard Camp

Harvard Camp is one of the numerous international camps organized by SCU and an important project of the University Immersion Program as well.

“The Most Precious Memory and Best Friends in SCU” (in Chinese) is an “impromptu work” of Kumeri Bandara from Harvard, after consulting the teacher in a calligraphy class of the international camp. After several weeks of study, Kumeri Bandara is not fluent in Chinese, but it would not affect her affection to SCU: “The campus is so beautiful! We study Chinese language and Kongfu here. It is really happy to study with the students of SCU.”

Wish AllUniversityStudents in the US Could Come to SCU to Learn Chinese

The students from Harvard said they noticed the information about the camp from the website of Harvard. And they signed up for it without hesitation after they learned that SCU is famous andChengduis a place of fun. They deem it an activity of significance, which provides opportunities for them to learn knowledge, make friends and contact Chinese culture. They wish that all university students in theUScould come to SCU to learn Chinese, because the campus is really beautiful and the teachers here are great.

Everyday’s Chinese class was lively and joyful. After the teacher gave comments on the assignments of the previous day, students would complete the task centering on the topic of the day. And the task of that day was “to introduce your friend in Chinese”. After racking their brain to recall the Chinese vocabulary and grammar they’ve studied, they described their friends with poor Chinese. To the students of SCU, their strange tones were funny, but their efforts deserve admiration. During the process of studying new words, the answers of the students from Harvard sounded like a doggerel, which pushed the joyful atmosphere in the Chinese class to a climax.

Teacher Song from theSchoolofOverseas Educationsaid: “The students from Harvard are excellent. Starting from zero, now they can have simple conversation in Chinese. They are happy to study and I am happy to teach. I think it’s worthwhile for them. In addition to Chinese language courses, we provide many other classes, such as Kongfu and cultural visit, etc., in an effort to facilitate them to communicate with students in SCU and contact directly Chinese culture, while learning knowledge at the same time”.

My Teacher Said I Could Become A Kongfu Star

Besides the Elementary Chinese language course, every course, like calligraphy, Kongfu and cultural visit, made the Harvard students excited.

“I like Kongfu class and my Kongfu teacher the most. I get on quite well with him. And he said I could become a Kongfu star. I am really enchanted by Kongfu. I practice in the class and in my dorm as well,” said Kumeri Bandara at the break of a Kongfu class.They had endless topics about Kongfu, one said he had already practiced it in the US and was really fond of Chinese martial arts chivalries, the other student said he liked Jet Li and watched Huang Feihong since his childhood.

Kongfu Class is one of the favorites of the students in the Camp. Xiang Yong is the Kongfu teacher. He is moved every time he watches the sweated and exhausted students keep practicing. Mr. Xiang Yong used to teach Kongfu when he stayed abroad. After his return, he teaches foreign students Kongfu in theSchoolofOverseas Education. “Kongfu itself is not the first priority of the course. The most important thing is to provide the students with an opportunity to widen their knowledge about Chinese martial arts and appreciate the beauty of strength in Chinese culture.”

For Garv Giancheffa, who is tall and strong, learning the skills of practical free combat is a “painful but also enjoyable” experience. During warming-up of pressing leg and whole body movement, Garv Giancheffa had to shout to cover his pain due to leg pressing. WWarming-up was followed by free combat practice. Under the instructions of the teacher, the students were punching and kicking uniformly. After a full set of movements, the students were sweating. However, the hot weather and intense exercise didn’t pour down their passion.

Teacher Xiang Yong spoke highly of the International Camp Program of SCU, “It is really necessary to conduct such kind of exchange programs, because it’s a good way to spread Chinese culture. The foreigners will recognizeChinaonly when they understand and like Chinese cultures. Chinese language, Kongfu and calligraphy are all traditional cultures in urgent need to be spread overseas.”


Living and Studying with Students of SCU Is An Unforgettable Experience

“SichuanUniversityis very beautiful,” said Jet Li with his thumb up when talking about the campus, “and it is full of historic story”. In SCU, accompanied by Chinese classmates, Jet Li visited the campuses of Wangjiang, Huaxi and Jiangan and learned about the stories of Deshui, Baqu, theBellTower, the lotus pond and some other scenic spots.

For cultural visits at  weekends, Harvard students and SCU students visited cultural relics aroundChengdu. They went to Jinsha site, Dujiangyan Irrigation System,Mt.Emeiand Leshan Giant Buddha, etc. While experiencing the custom of Sichuan and getting a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture, the students from both universities enjoy their communication and discussion, covering various topics, such as different cultures of China and the US as well as SCU and Harvard, specialized courses, box news, delicious food and games. The unforgettable experience is deeply engraved on Garv Giancheffa’s mind. HelikesMt.Emei, where there are green trees and magnificent temples; he likes SCU students who sang, chatted and tasted delicacies with him. “We are about to leave and it is hard to say goodbye. I hope they have the opportunity to come to Harvard and I will be their guide.” Garv Giancheffa shrugged his shoulders while saying these words with pity.

“Harvard students and Chinese students all spend much time in study. SCU students like to study in study lounges, while Harvard students like to study in the library. It is study that makes students of both universities excellent. So in the International Camp, we find out that we share so many common interests with SCU students.We discuss questions, play balls and hang out at weekends. I’ll bring these nice memories back to theUS", said Gregory Parker.

Kumeri Bandara regarded SCU as her home. She said, the life in SCU is rich and joyful, and she doesn’t experience homesickness here; all the Teachers and students in SCU are very kind; it’s a pity that the duration of the course is too short and she has got to leave soon. She added that she would continue studying Chinese and practicing Kongfu after her return to the US; she would come to Chengdu and SCU again, because in her words “I love Chengdu and I love SCU”.