Our UIP -- the "Class of Prestigious Foreign Teacher" Gloriously Honoured by Students of Wuyuzhang School

"I have long been looking forward to the yearly 'grand meeting' for a long time. It is a special benefit and welfare of SCU students to experience just in our campus internationally famous teachers' classes, and study and live with students from various countries!" said Li Wang from the major of Macromolecule. Thirty thousand SCU students will enjoy the lectures of professors from Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford and other international first-class universities, interact with students from around the globe, sharing culture and wisdom, and experiencing communication and friendship in two weeks.

I am A Student Having Attended Classes of US Elite Universities!


On the morning of July 6, the international course “Art and Engineering: An Appreciation of 21st Century Creativity” was launched officially. Prof. Craig Sinclair Smith fromUniversityofFloridahad heated interaction with students on Art and Engineering.

"In this course, the deepest impression on me is Prof. Smith's words: Engineering is a kind of order, a fixed mode since ancient times, which runs through the design nature of products. But how can we be competitive in such a fierce competitive society? Unrestrained imagination and creativity is essential. So we can design artistic and 'amazing' products, such condition is disordered and even crazy, this is Art."-- Yu Bowen, a student majoring in Finance.

"Prof. Craig is really good at using metaphors, and exploiting a bunch of examples to explain profound theories in simple words, which makes us feel close to him. Prof. Craig will come up with basic research concept and repeat the concept though examples around him to deepen our understanding and memory of basic acknowledge, and then expand the concept with his daily experience in the form of photos. He will then analyze in detail the element of Engineering and Art in each set of photos to help us understand completely. "-- Liu Chang, a student majoring in Marketing.

"Prof. Craig showed diversified style and a fine sense of humor in his classes, which make us relaxed and free. He emphasized repeatedly the expectation to interact with students on a platform, instead of teaching alone. He spared no effort to encourage and praise each student's representation, which made students more interested in digging deeper. Finally, we had successful discussion with him on some ideas as well as ethic and other philosophical issues during the process of design."-- Hu Xiaoyue, a student from the Department of Architecture.

"Prof. Craig taught in a totally different way. He emphasized interaction, and he would not ignore any student. I'm shy and speak little. I didn’t expect that Prof. Craig would communicate and discuss with me actively, and I was also encouraged to express my opinion. Through the course of Prof. Craig, I realize that the way of thinking can be diversified."-- Zhang Yujia, a student majoring in Accounting.

"I'm a sophomore, the UIP gives me an opportunity for advance understanding of the US professors' lecturing atmosphere and teaching mode, and adaptation to classes lectured in English. I appreciate this chance to help me adapt to oversea study linguistically and psychologically in advance."-- Gu Linxin, a student majoring in Biomedical Engineering. 

"I'm a sophomore, I didn't choose to study broad, but I want to see the world outside and experience the teaching method and classroom atmosphere of foreign universities. The UIP make it realized. Just staying in our university, I can listen to Prof. Craig’s lecture which makes me really happy. And I can say proudly I'm a student having listened to the courses of US elite universities!"-- Liu Yujiang, a student majoring in Business Administration. 


"He Wants Debate!"


On the early morning of July 6, Prof. Stephan Keukeleire from Catholic University of Louvain gave an international course titled European Foreign Policy and The Competition Between Structural Powers.

The professor stepped into the classroom with warm greeting. As an expert on European foreign policy research, Prof. Keukeleire didn't speak a lot at the very first. He passed on the microphone to students after brief introduction, "he prefers to know our comments, the more the better! He is making records on his laptop while listening to our self introduction and learning goal, concentratedly." --Gao Jie, a student majoring in Finance.

Having had a rough idea of the demands of the students, Prof. Stephan Keukeleire officially began to introduce the "European foreign policy" to students from various majors.

"Different from most professors inChina, Prof. Stephan prefers debate rather than teaching alone! He encourages chatting and even challenge to explore the concept of EU, the meaning of structural powers and the development prospect of BRICs. He will guide, communicate and correct our thoughts and ideas after patient waiting, he is just like an old friend who has blended in our debate." --Liu Shaohui, a student majoring in Mathematics.

"Just like his concise and official dressing, Prof. Stephan teaches with concise but supportive PPT. Even though the contents are professional, he classroom atmosphere is free and active."--Zhou Qiyun, a student majoring in Chinese Language and Literature.

"It's amazing! When I was in the classroom, I felt 'fantastic' -- it was the familiar SCU campus landscape outside windows, while on the platform an international celebrated professor stood. I feel exited, as I'm always interested in the international affairs, such as the recent Greek debt crisis I pay attention to. And I’m looking forward to in-depth discussion with the teacher in the future classes." --Zhang Xu, a student majoring in Macromolecule.

Zhu Xiaoqiao, a student from Accounting major, has never imagined that she would sit in a lecture on foreign policy. "To me, foreign affairs and accounting used to be two parallel lines that would never intersect. But Prof. Keukeleire explains foreign policy with examples occurred frequently around us, showing us the subtle change of international political situation during the unceasing and fluctuating interaction between EU and emerging economies. I feel I have touched a brand-new field." ”

"The course in the whole forenoon was given in English, we must pay every effort to understand every words of the professor. It was really tiring but interesting." After class, Zhu Yuzhou, a student majoring in Clinical Medicine Science major made a comment like that: "I'm looking forward to meeting Prof. Keukeleire tomorrow!"

It's just the first day of 2015 SCU "University Immersion Program". In the following two weeks, they will explore the history of visual rhetoric study following Prof. Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes from University of Cambridge, study Nuclear Quantum Physics Introduction Theory following Prof. Nicholas James Stone from Oxford, and the secret of pain and its control following Prof. WENWU LI from Stanford University…in the future, more surprises are awaiting them!