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Prof. Fang Fang’s Team from the Neurosurgery Dept. Publishes Important Research achievements on JAMA Internal Medicine

On Dec.21st, 2018 (American Eastern Standard Time), the Association of Corticosteroid Treatment With Outcomes in Adult Patients with Sepsis:A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis, which was written by the teams led by Professors Fang Fang, Xu jianguo and You Chao from the Neurosurgery Department of WCH was published online (in the form of research and original investigation) on JAMA Internal Medicine, an internationally famous medical journal.

Since the middle of the 20th Century, corticosteroid has been broadly applied in the adjuvant therapy for adult patients with sepsis. Despite of a large number of randomized controlled trials for research, the safety and efficacy of corticosteroid on septicopyemia remains controversial. After combining 37 researches and 9,564 patients, the research has concluded that corticosteroid can reduce the 28-day mortality of adult patients with sepsis. So the article has gained extensive attention worldwide. The famous media Medical Research published its interview with the research team in the first place, discussing the significance of the discovery and the suggestions on relevant research work.

As of December 30th (nine days online), a total of 80 posts had been twittered, two were posted on Facebook and one reposted on blog. It had got the Altimetric Attention Score of 59 and ranked at 98% in terms of attention among 12,357,891 articles.

JAMA Internal Medicine is a top medical journal and the most important sub-journal of JAMA, with an extensive academic influence. Professor Fang Fang is the first author, Professors Xu Jianguo and You Chao are corresponding authors of this article; and Zhang Yu with the Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu University is the co-first author. The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Medical Center of the University of Pittsburg also participated in this research. It has got the support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Famous Teachers and Overseas Schools Study Program of Sichuan University.