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SCU's Project--"the Frontier Science Center for Disease-related Molecular Network" was Approved

By The Frontier Science Center for Disease-related Molecular Network , West China School of Medicine, Western China Hospital, SCU

Recently, the Ministry of Education formally approved "the Frontier Science Center for Disease-related Molecular Network" project of Sichuan University's.

The Frontier Science Center is core content of the Mount Everest Plan which focuses on basic research in universities in China. the Ministry of Education stressed, developing the Frontier Science Center should be taken as an important link for construction world-class universities as well as first-class disciplines. Guided by goals of “Double-First Class”, universities and colleges should make maximum use of innovative resources and advantages of disciplines, converge global first-rate teams, and enhance deep interdisciplinary collaboration. The Ministry of Education also encourages building pilot centers for institutional reform, so that they can be the lead in breaking ground in basic and frontier research, and plays a crucial role in independent innovation in key areas.

It is worth mentioning that the Frontier Science Center is one of the seven frontier science centers approved by the Ministry of Education.

Starting from problems in disease-related molecular signaling network, focusing on national healthy strategy the Frontier Science Center attempts to establish itself as international top-level research institute, and gather high-level teams in original research area to develop basic medical research in China.

Relying on the development of Sichuan University, the Center has formed a multi-disciplinary team of talents in disease-related molecular network research, which bridges basic research and clinical practice closely. It has made great achievements in construction of disease database, artificial intelligence, analysis of important gene function, key molecules network of disease, fundamental biological therapies and conversion of achievements, laying a solid foundation for further development.

On account of the prevention and treatment of major diseases such as malignant tumors (including lung cancer, colorectal cancer, and breast cancer) and senile degenerative diseases (like Alzheimer's disease), the Center has finalized its development program by focusing on “the establishment of disease biomedical database and intelligent analysis and application”, "function of disease-related key genes, protein structure and regulatory network", “proliferation and differentiation of disease-related stem cells and molecular regulatory network”, “disease single cell multi-omics and molecular regulatory network research as well as transformation based on disease-related molecular network analysis”. It is expected to offer new clinical prevention and treatment strategies and play a driving role in the disease-related molecular network research on the international scale. Meanwhile, it will promote “Double-First Class” developments; build itself into an internationally advanced scientific research center on disease-related molecular network, a training base for innovation talents, and an center of achievements transformation and clinical