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2018 Nature Index: SCU Ranks 81st among the World's Top 100 Academic Institutions

The Nature Publishing Group has recently published its 2018 Nature Index based on data recorded between January 1st, 2017, and December 31st, 2017. Owing to its outstanding research output performance, SCU ranked 81st among global academic institutions, as well as 95th among all global research institutions (including academic, government, corporate, healthcare, and NPO/NGO). Compared with its ranking of 126th in the previous year’s Nature Index (which covered the time period from January 1st, 2016, to December 31st, 2016), SCU has made remarkable progress, for the first time entering the ranks of the world’s leading 100 universities in research output.

In November 2014, the Nature Publishing Group first released its global “Nature Index,” which uses a weighted fractional count (WFC) to compare the productive output of research institutions around the world. Nature Index analysis is based on high-quality papers published in 68 top-tier journals, including the Nature series, Science, Cell and others. It tracks the affiliations of approximately 60,000 high-quality research articles, covering 20,000 universities and research institutes worldwide. The 68 science journals, which are selected by two independent panels consisting of in-service scientists, are divided into four fields, namely chemistry, earth and environment sciences, life sciences and physical sciences. According to the latest index, SCU ranks 39th in chemistry, 246th in physics and 270th in life sciences globally.