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Article of professor Yuping Ran was published on the cover of British Journal of Dermatology

In 2017, An article from Professor Yuping Ran titled ‘Dermoscopy in vivo to the life-cycle of Phthirus pubis’ was published within the influential British Journal of Dermatology, where the image was chosen as the journal’s cover. Professor Ran works for the department of dermatovenereology, West China Hospital, Sichuan University. He is the correspondence author. Jiaoqing Tang (postgraduate) and Xin Ran (resident) are co-first authors.

Professor Ran has always been dedicated to the usage of dermoscope to ascertain medical, teaching, patient education, and scientific research. Additionally, Ran encourages the precision diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. To date, Professor Ran's team has published more than 10 papers in clinical researches relevant to dermoscopy, and offers numerous lectures at international and domestic academic's seminars.