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The first International tourism Journal in China: An introduction to International Journal of Tourism Anthropology

International Journal of Tourism Anthropology(IJTA)is the first International tourism Journal in China, which born and edited in Sichuan University since 2008. IJTA is a peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to advanced theory, research and practice in the field of tourism anthropology. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of tourism anthropology, IJTA encourages manuscripts from interrelated disciplines - including ethnography, ethnics, sociology, psychology, archaeology, art, linguistics, economics, politics, history, philosophy, geography, and ecology - in order to publish original, high-quality and cutting-edge research on all aspects of tourism anthropology and to offer a new, integrated perspective of the field.

Prof. Li Cheng at tourism school in Sichuan University, the founding editor and service the journal as Editor-in-Chief. The initial    issue published in 2010, up to now, IJTA editors consist of more than 40 world-class tourism scholars, who not only participate in the review of IJTA, but also contribute in person. In particular, there are international leading scholars, such as Jafar Jafari, Geoffrey Wall, Erik Cohen, Kevin Hannam, Arch G. Woodside, Kaye Chon, and Dallen J. Timothy etc. Some of them are also service as editor for SSCI indexed tourism journal, All papers in this journal must be submitted to international peer review in accordance with international norms without any form of layout fees. More than 95% of the published papers are from high-level research institutions in North America and Europe. International Journal of Tourism Anthropology which, although still very new as far as journals go, is becoming widely accepted and more popular as a social science outlet for international, English-language research under the editorial leadership.

Dr. James Testa, vice president of Thomson Reuters for Web of Science journal evaluation, highly appraised, “IJTA is gradually becoming a world-class professional periodical”. So far IJTA has been included in key funding objects of humanities and social science at Sichuan University, as well as funded projects for famous academic journal of tourism school at Sichuan University.

According to the latest report from Thomson Reuters Web of Science in June 2016, the international influence of IJTA is rapidly increasing. Authoritative data show that WOS citation rates of IJTA have reached 102 times, each reference number 1.85 on average and H-index has reached 5. The latest figures indicate that IJTA has been a variety of international database retrieval, and meanwhile published papers have been cited over 30 kinds of international famous SSCI or SCI journals. Up to now, IJTA has a certain international influence and the papers published in IJTA have been cited in the international famous SSCI or SCI journal papers: Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Management, Journal of Travel Research and Tourism Geographies etc.

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