China's First Industrial Internet Research Institute Was Established

Sichuan University Industrial Internet Research Institute (SCUIIRI) was officially founded on February 28th, 2016. With strong support from Mr. Li Ping, Chairman of Kyland Technology Co., Ltd. and outstanding alumni ofSichuanUniversity, SCUIIRI wasChina’s first industrial Internet research institute. SCUIIRI will take advantage of the best resources to attract high-calibre talents from all over the world , and to produce first-class results around three core technologies in industrial Internet field in three to five years.

Dr. Xie Heping, academician and president ofSichuanUniversity, said that SUIIRI is currently at its starting stage.SichuanUniversitywill provide full support to SCUIIRI with its advanced disciplines related to manufacture and its multidisciplinary advantage to develop innovation and originality in research on industrial Internet architecture, technical standards and system safety, etc.

President Xie expressed his thanks to Mr. Li’s support toSichuanUniversity. President Xie wished to build SCUIIRI into a domestic talents training base, an advanced manufacturing and industrial innovation design center . Also, President Xie hoped SUIIRI would become a think-tank for our industrial Internet strategic planning and decision making, as well as a high-end practice platform of industrial Internet technology innovations, transformation and application both inChinaand abroad.

Mr. Li, honorary dean of SCUIIRI, expressed his gratitude toSichuanUniversity. He believed that SCUIIRI will make outstanding achievements and will have long-lasting and profound influence to the social development.