Premier Li Keqiang Encourages Innovation and Quality Research at SCU

Premier Li Keqiang was warmly welcomed by the faculty and students of Sichuan University (SCU) on April 25, 2016. He visited the State Key Laboratory of Polymeric Materials and Engineering and the Admission & Career Service Center, inquiring into issues concerning technological innovation, university-industry collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship education and student employment. He hoped that SCU will take the lead in college student innovation and entrepreneurship while establishing even more world-class academic and research programs.

Premier Li first came to the State Key Laboratory of Polymeric Materials and Engineering, one of the largest polymeric materials research centers in the world. He was briefed about some of the lab’s most successful research projects, including the first-ever-made grapheme rubber tire, which was independently developed by the lab, the first hemodialyzer made in China and the new lithium battery diaphragm technology. Then, he talked to the academicians and professors who accompanied him on the tour of the lab, and encouraged them to accelerate the process of research translation.

Premier Li has always taken a special interest in the employment of college graduates. He specifically inquired about the Career Service Center of SCU and talked with students and corporate representatives who were at the career center for interviews. He also asked about the employment and start-up businesses of graduating students and corporate staff training services. Then, Premier Li gladly autographed the ceremonial flag of the 120thAnniversary of SCU.

Premier Li was warmly welcomed everywhere across the campus. He had cordial talks with teachers and students, and the teachers and students gave Premiere Li their enthusiastic reception in all kinds of ways.

Premier Li pointed out that college graduates created the most important driving force that spurs social development. Their employment gives hope to their families and promotes social development. They should not be seen as a burden. Instead, they should become a positive and permanent driving force. Therefore, we should take as an important mission the employment of the 10 million plus college and technical school graduates and the responsibilities are shared among all the schools. As the largest, the best and the most important university in Sichuan, SCU shall play a leadership role in this regard. SCU was selected by the State Commission to become one of the schools to set up the  the first batch of demonstration bases for the college student innovation and entrepreneurship program. .SCU shall, accordingly, assume the responsibility for  college student innovation and entrepreneurship program and help bring about higher employment rate and better livelihood. Now, the state is making great efforts to build more world-class universities with first-rate academic and research programs. Toward this end, SCU will be actively involved and make its due share of contribution.

Additional information

The polymer program at SCU was founded in 1953 by Academician Xu Xi, one of the founders who started research in polymeric materials and engineering in China and the Father of Plastics in China. Currently, the State Key Laboratory of Polymeric Materials and Engineering of SCU has been built into one of the largest polymeric materials research centers in the world, incorporating multiple functions of research, academic training and engineering applications. The lab ranks at the top globally in the number of SCI publications on polymeric materials and engineering.

Now, many academic and research programs of SCU, represented by the polymer program, are taking the lead in China in terms of technological innovation, research and development and research translation. According to the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship and Industrial Cooperation ranking published by Times Higher Education, SCU ranked at the eighth place among the universities and colleges across the world, and the third place among those in China.