The President of SCU Visits Nepal Students in SCU

On the afternoon of April 27, Academician Xie Heping, President of SCU, Prof. Li Xiangcheng, Deputy Chairman of the SCU University Council and related officers of International Office visited all Nepal students at SCU in the International Students Apartment of Huaxi Campus.
President Xie, on behalf of SCU, expressed his sincere concern and sympathy to all Nepal students in SCU and their families. SCU has initiated a “care plan for students from disaster area” to grant assistance to Nepal students, he said; and donation activities are just underway at all campuses to help Nepal people cope with the disaster and difficulties. He said: “SCU has experienced 5·12 Wenchuan Earthquake, we know the mood of Nepal students. The Wenchuan earthquake disaster area received assistance from all over the world; after Nepal earthquake, China also provided aid to Nepal with goods and materials, medical services; and the rescue team from West China Hospital has already left for Nepal. You are SCU students, and it’s our duty to help and care about you,” he said.
Later, President Xie delivered the consolation money to Nepal students by himself.
Lamb, a doctoral candidate of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery Department of West China College of Medicine, SCU, said: “we’ve received a lot of concerns from SCU. After the earthquake, the conditions of our home are kept abreast very soon. The university leaders, college teachers, and officers from international student office care about us, they come to us and help solve problems.” Li Shihua, a doctoral candidate of Neurosurgery of West China College of Medicine, SCU, said: “SCU always cares about international students very much, and provide warm help to us in the event of occurrence of the earthquake, we appreciate it very much!”