International Students Experiencing the "Chinese Dream"

In the golden October, overseas students who are also Chinese Government Scholarship Students in SCU attend a cultural tour – “Experiencing the Chinese Dream”. The activity was also participated by the students from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, the Southwest University of Finance and Economic, the Southwest Jiaotong University and Chengdu University of TCM

Enveloped by thin morning fog, the 120 Chinese Government Scholarship Students from the five universities started their enjoyable tour. Their first destination was the Nongke Village of Pixian Countywhere the Agritainment originates from. The Nongke Village also serves as a model of new rural construction.

Attracted by the folk culture of farming, Sichuan potted landscape culture,  and agritainment culture,  the students were reluctant to leave.

The cottages were surrounded by fragrant flowers, shadowy trees and diversified novel and beautiful potted landscapes, filled with local flavor typical in western Sichuan. The students were amazed at the garden-like farm houses. While strolling leisurely among the distinctive buildings and beautiful pavilions, enjoying the beauty of potted landscapes and other sceneries, the students also tried farming with hoes and tasted tea. At the invitation of the staff, some students even learned to grind soybean milk and hammer glutinous rice with great interest, thus experiencing the life of western Sichuan farmers.

Subsequently, they went to a well-known scenic spot listed in the World Cultural Heritage catalogue, the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project. The students were surprised by learning that the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, with a history of over 2500 years, was the oldest and the only existing large water conservation project still in use, which is characterized by water diversion without a dam, in the world. Having had a basic understanding of the working principle and engineering of the  project, the students marveled at the wisdom and unremitting will of ancient Chinese.

The students were all touched by this short journey. Yuehuan Wu, a Vietnamese doctoral student said emotionally: "I learned the great achievement of construction of socialist new countryside in the Nongke Village. I had no idea the common farm house can be so beautiful. Every cottage is distinct from the others. It starts a new way to combine the primary industry and the tertiary industry together. I would benefit a lot from what I have seen and heard today in my study in China and my development in the future.” After visiting the Building cluster of Erwang Temple, Xinyan An, a postgraduate from Ghana remarked: “I know that the earthquake erupted in May 12th, 2008 has caused destructive damage to Dujiangyan scenic spot and surrounding buildings. But unexpectedly, the Chinese Government finished reconstruction in less than 3 years, and no sign of damage can be found. It is really terrific.” Syrian doctoral student A De expressed: “I am impressed by what I have seen today. I feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture, which is helpful to my professional study. China excels in both new rural construction and traditional culture protection, which fully reflect the flourishing appearance of beautiful China and harmonious society. Now, I know more about the practical significance of the ‘Chinese Dream’”.

Late autumn is the season of maturity and harvest. And through this activity, these international students harvested deeper understanding and acknowledgement of China.