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2017 International Forum – “Functional Membrane” held at SCU

On March 20 to 23, 2017 International Forum on Functional Membranes, organized by Membrane Science and Functional Materials Group of Sichuan University (SCU), was held in the University.

More than 60 representatives attended the forum, initiated by Professor Chu Liangyin of SCU and Honorary Professor Shin-ichi Nakao of University of Tokyo (also former president of Aseanian Membrane Society), including nearly 20 invited experts from University of Tokyo, Kogakuin University, Yamaguchi University, RIKEN, Kurita Water Industries Ltd, Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing Scinor Membrane Co. Ltd., Jiangxi Normal University, Sichuan University and other universities and companies who had contributed too much to the field of functional membranes, as well as over 40 postgraduates. The attendees explored the role and contribution of functional membrane science and technology in addressing major issues of global energy, resources, environment and human health, and shared the latest achievements in the field of functional membrane science and technology. The conference was greatly instrumental in intensifying the international exchanges and cooperation in the field of functional membrane science and technology, but also promoting the common development of the research on it.