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Message from the Dean

Chang Jiang Scholar, Prof. Jiang Xiaoping, Dean, School of Public Administration

As a multi-disciplinary school, the School of Public Administration of Sichuan University (SPA-SCU in short) promotes the interaction between humanities and social sciences, and emphasizes both theories and practice, which is the foundation for SPA to form its new growth pole. We stick to seek disciplinary development direction based on the realistic need of social development, focus on exploring new social characters and demands created by social reform, and visualize new disciplinary development strategies.

    We hope you can feel the sense of vitality and creativity here. Our faculty members bring unique perspectives and insights into the management of important social and governmental challenges. Coming from diverse backgrounds, our students take pride in fostering debate on important issues, creating a vibrant learning environment, and strengthening a sense of social responsibility and citizenship. With an eye on current trends, the governance of Chinese society should put people’s livelihood issues at first, regard civil rights as its core, and take fairness and justice as principles. Confronted with social trends like globalization of economics, political democratization, administrative internationalization, and social informatization, we should not only rethink about the society and our life coordinates, but also solve social issues and realize public interest. We need not only thinkers, but also people with strong execution.


The School of Public Administration of Sichuan University (SPA-SCU in short) was founded in June 2001. The SPA-SCU is a new type of school, which can realize the interdisciplinary studies and complement each other’s advantages. Our motto is “all under the Heaven is equal, the law of management follows nature”. Attached to the comprehensive advantages of SCU, SPA-SCU insists on our mission-- to cultivate talents who have upright personalities, care about their country and nation, and regard the nation affairs as their own duty; to explore the charm of thinking and asking, the wisdom of administration, and the rules of our society; to lead the direction of social development, innovate social value, and hold fast to the responsibility of public spirit.


SPA-SCU now has 9 undergraduate programs, 15 postgraduate programs, 2 primary disciplines, which offers doctoral degrees, 1 postdoctoral research station and 4 disciplines that offer professional degrees. The school has 8 National First Level Disciplines which are Philosophy, Public Administration, Library Information Studies and Archives Management, Business Administration, Management Science and Engineering, Sociology, Politics and Psychology, including 4 basic disciplines and 4 applied disciplines, and they are under the four disciplinary categories of Philosophy, Management, Law and Education. The public administration programme currently ranks first in West China and among the best nationally according to China’s Ministry of Education.



Qualified teachers’ team is the key element for the development of SPA. and focuses on the construction of faculty team in order to further optimize the talent structure. Presently, the SPA-SCU consists of 131 faculties and staffs, one committee member of the National MPA Steering Committee, one excellent talent of the new century, 2 teaching masters of SCU, and 2 candidates for the teaching masters of SCU. SPA offers many faculty exchange programmes and facilitates faculty’s international academic exchange and cooperation. Through various cooperative programmes, some faculty members have studied or paid academic at Oxford University, Princeton University, Syracuse University, etc. In SPA, Over 50% teachers have visited abroad as Fulbright Scholars or visiting scholars. Foreign faculties from Oxford University, UCLA, and Pennsylvania State University have taught in SPA-SCU for long and short-term periods. Now SPA has full-time faculty from five countries and regions in the world. We have three foreign teachers who respectively come from Germany, Sweden, France, and five teachers from Hongkong and Taiwan. Over the years, SPA has gained a variety of achievements in teaching and researching. We aim to promote advancement of the knowledge and practice of public administration for the betterment of society.



Having productive research teams and strong research bases, SPA-SCU enjoys a strong reputation for excellence in researches. With a great of publications, grants, and awards, our faculty members are top researchers in local governance, public policy, public budgeting and finance, urban and rural balanced administration, educational administration, social security, organizational theory, human resources management, collaboration, innovation, and emergency management.

Over the past seven years, 25 papers have been published on leading journals and 515 papers have been listed in CSSCI. Furthermore, our faculty members have issued 100 Monographs and textbooks, 39 major reports and 107 research reports. 

At present, in terms of scientific research projects, SCU-SPA is granted from both horizontal projects fund with total amount of over CNY 40 million and vertical projects fund with the sum of over CNY 14 million. Among these projects stands 5 major projects of national science fund, 32 general projects of national science fund, 1 major entrusted project of Ministry of Education of China, 21 projects by Ministry of Education of China, 1 youth project of Ministry of Education of China, and 70 provincial projects of social science and soft science.

Currently, SPA has established several prominent national and provincial scientific research institutes such as Centre for Chinese local governance Innovations of Sichuan UniversityCCGI, Sichuan University, Institute of Philosophy, and Research Center for Career Development of the Disabled, etc. 



    By the end of 2016, SPA has 2434 students in total, including 70 doctoral students, 930 master students, and 1434 undergraduate students. Our mission is to cultivate highly qualified and all-round talents with “knowledge, morality, wisdom, responsibility and dream”. In recent years, our students have made great performances in “Challenge Cup”, National Business Plan Competition, National College English Competition, the Model United Nations and many other national competitions.  Particularly, in 2016, our students have won the first prize in two national subject competitions.


International Exchange and Cooperation

SPA has identified collaboration as a key component to the success of disciplinary development and the ability to address public sector issues. The school focuses on international collaboration and has established cooperative relationships with renowned colleges and universities from more than 20 countries and regions. SPA has also established more than 30 well-round education programmes of multiple levels with well-known foreign universities. We offer joint degree programmes and provide students many opportunities to study abroad. We have full time overseas students from a variety of countries including U.S., France, Russia, Bangladesh, etc. We offer some short-term programmes, including the Immersion Program. Many students from Stanford University, University of Chicago, Michigan State University, Queen Mary University of London, etc. have participated in our programmes. We have successfully offered advanced training programmes for senior government officials from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. SPA has successively upheld several large-scale international academic conferences and cross-Strait academic conferences. For example, SPA held two international academic conferences in 2016 successfully, which was the “2016 IIAS-IASIA Joint Congress” and the “12th Sino-French Symposium on Psychoanalysis”. SPA has invited over one hundred well-known experts and scholars home and abroad to give lectures; received exchanged students from America, France, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Korea and Vietnam; sent students via undergraduate international cooperative programmes and government-sponsored postgraduate exchange programmes to University of Oxford St Edmund Hall, Rutgers University, Stanford University, Michigan State University, Uppsala University, Queen Mary University of London, Waseda University, Tohoku University.


German Chancellor Merkel’s Visit

2016 IIAS-IASIA Joint Congress

A Delegation Led by Prof. Keith Gull, Fellow of Royal Society and Principal of St Edmund Hall at University of Oxford, Visited SPA-SCU

Faculty Delegation of SPA-SCU Visited Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford