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“As an experimental science, Chemistry is also a very important basic science. Conducting Chemistry experiments is similar to cooking. People who are experts in Chemistry must be excellent cooks. Therefore, let's study Chemistry and enjoy life at the same time.”


The College of Chemistry (CoC) at Sichuan University (SCU) has a history of more than 100 years. In 1907, the chemistry class and applied chemistry of the Science Department at the Sichuan School of Higher Education, the predecessor of the College of Chemistry, was established. Over a century of discovery and experience has nurtured an excellent academic atmosphere and a great educational tradition.

Adhering to the development strategies of “innovating the reform mechanism, optimizing resource allocation, leveraging the construction of high-caliber talent team and propelling first-class discipline development”, CoC endeavors to build a world-leading chemistry discipline by underlining the construction of high-caliber talent team and improving discipline competitiveness through internal training and external talent attraction.

The College boasts its excellent faculty team and has registered prominent discipline construction and scientific research achievements. At present, it has established several national and provincial scientific research bases, including the “National Engineering Laboratory of Eco-Friendly Polymeric Materials”, the “Key Laboratory of Green Chemistry & Technology (Sichuan University), Ministry of Education” and the “Engineering Research Center of Eco-Friendly Polymeric Materials of Ministry of Education”. In 2010, the College was awarded the “Innovative Research Group” from The National Natural Science Foundation on the subject of “New Reaction and New Strategy of Highly Selective Organic Synthesis”. By December 2014, the Chemistry Discipline ranked among top 1‰ by ESI, while is still moving forward steadily.

In the past five years, over 1400 research papers have been listed in SCI and over 80 papers published on world-top chemistry journals, such as Angew, Chem. Int. Ed., J. Am. Chem. Soc. etc. In addition, the College has applied for 130 invention patents, 80 of which were granted.

Currently, the College has more than 1000 undergraduate students, 400 graduate students and 150 PhD candidates. Our students become highly competitive on the job market.

Our distinctive research fields include Green Organic Synthetic Chemistry, Environment-Friendly Polymer Materials, Key Nuclide Separation and Nuclear Waste Treatment, Catalytic Chemistry, Biosensor and Biomass Converting. In addition, our research findings in asymmetric synthesis and halogen-free flame retardant materials have a great impact on the international counterparts.

The CoC collaborates with a variety of universities and research institutions both in China and abroad. We have over 50 scholars visiting our college to give short lectures and over 30 faculty members going abroad for academic exchange and cooperative research every year. By far, the College has established teaching and research cooperation with many institutions in countries and regions worldwide, including the U.S, the U.K, France, Germany, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, Singapore as well as Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan. In the past three years, we have over 20 students went abroad (joint cultivation) and about 100 students to participate in international academic conferences, which significantly improve the teaching and scientific research.


Four outstanding achievements of the College

1.     The Chiral N, N' – Dioxide – Sc(OTf)3 Complex catalyst under the research of Prof. Xiaoming Feng realized the first catalyzed asymmetric Roskamp reaction characterized by its high efficiency and high selectivity. The consumption of catalyst can be reduced to 0.05 mol%.



2.     The halogen-free flame retardant polymer materials research led by Prof. Yuzhong Wang obtained a series of basic and practical achievements.

3.     The R&D team led by Prof. Yaoqiang Chen of the Institute of Catalytic Material Science of SCU, through the mode of industry-university-research cooperation, established a partnership with the Sinocat Environmental Technology Co., Ltd with its cleaning catalyst technology for the vehicle exhaust.

4.     The research group of Prof. Hua Chen, on the basis of basic research for a long time, has developed water-organic two-phase olefin hydroformylation cleaning technology with proprietary intellectual property rights of China. The technology has realized industrialized application.