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Luck and Happiness Today Means More Responsibility in the Future – SCU Holds 2015 Matriculation Ceremony of Sichuan University - Pittsburgh Institute

On the afternoon of September 25, the first matriculation ceremony of Sichuan University - Pittsburgh Institute was held in SCU. And the ceremony was attended by Mr. Patrick Gallagher, chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh, Mr. Gerald D. Holder, dean of the Swanson School of Engineering of the University of Pittsburgh, Mr. Ariel Armony, director of the University Center for International Studies of the University of Pittsburgh, Mr. Lawrence Feick, a professor of the College of Business Administration of the University of Pittsburgh, Academician Xie Heping, president of SCU, Prof. Li Guangxian, executive vice-president of SCU, Prof. Yan Shijing, vice-president of SCU and Prof. Li Xufeng, vice-president of SCU, as well as all faculty and students of the Pittsburgh Institute and some parents of the students.The executive vice president of SCU, Prof. Li Guangxian presided over the matriculation ceremony.

President Xie Heping passionately addressed the ceremony. He told sincerely the students that they are lucky and blessed for admission into the Pittsburgh Institute;however, luck and happiness would not last long without diligence and endeavor; in Sichuan University - Pittsburgh Institute, teachers and students must endure more hardship since the students would shoulder more responsibilities in the future; with our concerted effort, Sichuan University - Pittsburgh Institute would become a Chinese featured world-class institution. He expressed his hope that, in the next four years, all students would make the most of the excellent internationalized stage provided by Sichuan University - Pittsburgh Institute to broaden their horizon, engage in innovative development and make good friends; and all the teachers and students could move forward with steadfast and brilliant steps.

Mr. Patrick Gallagher, president of University of Pittsburgh, made a speech on the ceremony, expressing his congratulation to everyone for starting a new academic life, and his appreciation to SCU for the great support to establish Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute. He said that SCU’s great effort for high-end internationalized development has achieved obvious results, among which Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute could facilitate world class engineering knowledge break through national boundaries, benefit more students and provide the engineering field with talents. President Patrick Gallagher briefly reviewed the whole process of Vice Premier Liu Yandong's participation in the inauguration ceremony of Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute, and detailed the University of Pittsburgh in terms of scale, discipline construction, talent cultivation and outstanding alumni, etc. Finally, President Patrick Gallagher sent words "brand-new start" to freshmen in Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute. He said, "Everything is a brand-new start. You’re expecting the new academic year and new future, and we are expecting your arrival at the University of Pittsburgh in two years. The campus will change your life in an unexpected way, and you must study hard in the following four years. Only studying hard can lay a solid foundation for your profession, and help you make a contribution in the engineering field." President Patrick Gallagher made a suggestion to all freshmen: as university offers unique opportunity and suitable hotbed for you to realize your ambitions, wish you all cherish noble aspiration during university life, and grow up to be the "excellent world citizens". 

Mr. Qiu Minjing, dean of Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute, expressed his desire that the students would grow up as conscientious adults and keep positive and confident attitude toward life, help and respect others. He reviewed with affectionateness the history of SCU and put forward three expectations to all freshmen: firstly, to be excellent world citizen; secondly, to make a good time management; thirdly, to learn to live independently.As a conclusion, he wished all freshmen academic success and good luck in their new life journey.

During the ceremony, president Patrick Gallagher gave the photo of landmark main building at University of Pittsburgh to all freshmen of the Institute and further expressed his anticipation of receiving the students at University of Pittsburgh.